2020 Scholarship Recipients

Meet our 2020 Orange County 99s Scholarship Winners!

Sanjal Gavande—Awarded the Vicky Anderson Memorial Scholarship

Sanjal joined the 99s March 7, 2018, and will  be using her scholarship funds to obtain her Commercial License. Sanjal is our new Orange County (OC) 99s Chair.  She has also been our Public Relations Chair for several years. Sanjal’s participation in OC 99s and Southwest Section (SWS) events and meetings is extensive. 

Sofia Nosratabadi—Awarded the Shirley Tanner Memorial Scholarship

Sofia joined the 99s March 12, 2019, and    is finishing up her Private Pilot License. She will be using her scholarship funds for obtaining her instrument rating. Sofia is our new OC 99s Secretary. She  has also been an active participant in our OC99s and SWS meetings, often being the photographer on scene. Sofia is on our Historical Preservation Committee and writes articles for Plane Tales every month. Sofia also helped her instructor, Garry Felker, prepare his presentation for our Flying Companion Seminar.

Soyla Flor Tostado—Awarded the Eleanor Todd Memorial Scholarship

Soyla joined the 99s December 10, 2018, and is using her scholarship funds to obtain her instrument rating. Soyla is the Vice Chair nominee and Webmaster for her Long Beach (LGB) chapter. She has actively participated in 99s events, fly-ins, and has attended all LGB chapter meetings since joining. She has also volunteered at the 99s booth at Women in Aviation International (WAI). Recently, she participated in an AOPA Beyond Proficient video, Flying to Catalina Island.